Jan 16, 2012

Time after time

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but Nat came over last night to watch the Golden Globes and we got to talking about church and what she learned yesterday morning.

John 11 talks about Lazarus' death and how Jesus delayed in saving him. Lazarus was dead when his sisters, Mary and Martha, requested Jesus' help in saving him. However, Jesus knew Lazarus was already dead, and instead of immediately going to save him and help, Jesus responded with a delay. He waited two days before doing anything. 

Jesus then decided to go to Judea and preach to Lazarus' family, even though it was unsafe for him to go there -- since the Jews wanted to stone him. 

In the end, Lazarus is raised from the dead by Jesus, and in doing this Jesus makes sure to do it in the Glory of God -- waiting four days to do so, making sure there was no hope of resuscitation. 

I bring this up because there are so many times in life where we want answers immediately, or we feel like we need help because we're at our darkest hour or lowest of low. However God sees these struggles as ways to really test your faith and see how strong it really is. Jesus could have easily saved Lazarus from afar, and he could have done so immediately, but timing was everything in order to prove God's glory.

Just remember when you think your life isn't moving as quickly as you'd like, or if something you really wanted doesn't end up working out, that timing is everything. Maybe God is protecting your from harm or heartache by ending a short-lived fling, or even a relationship that's been going on for years but isn't headed anywhere positive and isn't progressing as it should. Perhaps he knows you're going to be too busy throwing yourself into work to date, or maybe he has someone in mind for you and doesn't want you wasting your time on someone else.

I know dating as a 20-something can be really tough! And ladies, I know how exciting it is to date someone you're attracted to and has qualities you like and admire. But sometimes those people are brought in and out of your life quickly to show you what else is out there. So don't dwell on what went wrong or why things didn't work out. Just learn and get excited for the future God has planned for you.

Maybe you still need to learn a few things before you get that job you really want, or that pay raise you desperately need. You could be at the job you're at for years in order to be a testament to a coworker in need, or to help make your mark in a coworker's life. Perhaps you lost your job because you weren't happy and you weren't doing anything about it, and God is going to help you go after your true passion. All of these situations are in your best interest, even if you can't see that at the time!

I don't know what God's plans are exactly, but I do know that they are always good, and it's in our best interest not to question Him, doubt Him, fear what we don't know and worry over things we have no control over. 

God wants us to be excited about the possibilities of the future, and you need to be thrilled with the idea that you are capable of having a vibrant, enthusiastic, thrilling life -- even when it doesn't seem to look that way at a certain point in your life. Expect the good and it will come to you!

Let God's timing -- not your own -- rule your life.

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Kendall said...

Kirbie, you are wise beyond your years :) Patience truly is a virtue and your post was a lovely reminder for me this morning :)

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