Jan 5, 2012

What you missed on Twitter last night

Still not on Twitter? WHY? Truly, it boggles my simple mind when people tell me they're still hacking around on Facebook but wont get a Twitter.

I remember in 2009 when I got my Twitter, and my mind was blown. I was so obsessed with celebrity culture and now I could actually reach out to execs, publicists, companies, brands & (you guessed it) celebrities I wanted to work with!

90% of the beauty contacts I make? On Twitter! I tweet how to be added to their media lists and the brand or person will follow & direct message me info.

ANYWAY, get on Twitter. I found out Bin Laden was dead via Twitter, Justin Timberlake was engaged, and half of the sports stats I retain -- all on Twitter, because I'm not glued to my computer or TV like I am my phone.

So what did you miss on the Twittersphere last night? Last time on this blog segment, Ashton Kutcher was causing a riot and some idiot was telling me Joe Paterno wasn't in the wrong because he is (was) a college football coach.

This time, Kanye West spent an hour tweeting tweets of epic proportion, regarding education and ideation. I have to say I actually agree with him on some things, which concerns me because I have to wonder if I'm turning into an egotistical, attention-seeking, pompous ass and will start dating a bald stripper anytime soon... (still love Yeezy, regardless of his poor, poor judgment.)

Like private art schools or military camps, kids should be given four basic cores and everything else should be major-oriented. No need to fulfill certain "requirements" to make a well-rounded student. If a kid hates sports and is stupendous at math, leave the child BE! Let him frolic in math courses and go on to rock some kind of BBA program instead of wasting his time with nutrition or some BS class that is simply a requirements and not meant to benefit him in his business endeavors. Further, nutrition courses in high school are pretty much taught by walking, talking geese. So if the kid is actually interested in making nutrition a career, please find an expert to teach the class and not someone who simply read the book assigned to the course!

(two cents over)

Best part of these "epic tweets" is that everyone on the Twittersphere was talking about it. We are the world, we are the children...

I encourage you to read Ye's tweets here.

And then E! posted a pic of Britney Spears in what appears to be her bathroom, and all I can think of is HOLY CRAP GET ME THAT NAIL POLISH STAND instead of looking at her ring, which is invisible, yet the point of E!'s post.

And that's what you missed on Twittahhhh.

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