Feb 1, 2012

What's Going On


Just checking in. How you doing? I cannot complain. Living life, loving Jesus -- and absolutely LOVING my job. It's crazy that I get paid to write scripts, dress up, and play around with makeup and skin care products for stories. Plus, all of you know of my intense love of research, which is fun when I have to look up different products and services, and find out if they really work or not.

Right now I'm taking this stuff called Viviscal, which is supposed to help with hair growth and is said to thicken it, too. I'm super excited because both Tabitha (from Tabitha's Salon Takeover) and Byron Williams (Drew Barrymore's stylist) both advocate using this product, because they say it actually works (it's not your standard Rogaine, folks) and it's all-natural. If it works, I am definitely going to recommend it to everyone! Stay tuned. I have two months to go. :)

Later this week, two videos will be up: one featuring my interview with Byron, who I could afford to cut and style my hair! The other features my picks for the best Hunger Games nail polishes from the new collection, debuting in March. It's so cool to get products before they're released. I know I'm gushing right now but really, I love it all. This line of polishes really are awesome (I know some of you could not care less). I'm just now reading the books and am mildly obsessed, and the polishes are really high quality, interesting mixes. There's a matte in there, tons of glitter... pretty much the A-List of polishes. Kind of cool, especially for manicure maniacs like me.

February is always fun because all the awards shows go down. I'm working some GRAMMY events again this year, and am looking forward to (getting buzzed and going with girlfriends to) see The Vow because LORD KNOWS I need some romance in my life, even if it is from a cheesy movie with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. I just hope it's nothing like Dear John, the worst movie ever with a trailer that deserves an academy award. Honestly. Do you remember that trailer? For the LOVE. I would have watched it 95 times in a row than have wasted my voucher for a free movie ticket on that sorry excuse for cinema. 

This thing is a far, far cry from the actual movie! waaaaah. However, the good news is that I used to loathe Channing Tatum, but as his acting skills have improved, I find him INCREDIBLY. SEXY. I mean the guy has the body of a Thunder from Down Under dude AND a sensitive side? What more are we to ask for?

Anyway, now that I'm on a Youtube binge, let's discuss the latest (and final) episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. I think their lives are ridiculous, but somehow I always seem to believe Kim. I should probably stop watching the show. Maybe it's my quality to believe everyone is inherently good... but I won't psycho-analyze myself. One thing I did notice was after they all talk about their peak and pit of the trip (which was majorly depressing), they start playing some hardcore instrumental music, which resembled the intro to JT's "What Goes Around..." I say that because I am OBSESSED with that intro, which is not recorded anywhere, and I sometimes pull it up on Youtube like a loser just to listen to it.

Don't believe me? It's not identical, BUT SO CLOSE:

Kourtney + Kim (Go to 9:30)

Justin Timberlake at MSG

Sometimes, when I watch this video, I remember how much I loved him. Emphasis on LOVED. It's a cold day in Hell, but how am I supposed to love a man who put a ring on another woman? It's truly heartbreaking... but I guess it was time I fell out of love (after 14 years) with a guy who doesn't know me from Adam, is the result of a boy band crush, and exposed a woman's nipple on live television.  I will love your music, (some of) your movies, and your SNL skits... but I can't do it no more, Justin. 

Alright. I'll leave you all with that for now. Hopefully I'll have more exciting commentary to share soon. Until then, I'm on Twitter all the time and you can see me (if you wish) on BellaSugar!

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