Apr 8, 2012

"I'm a dude... what the hell do I wear to Coachella?"

Ah, the age old question: Coachella attire. I feel this is an appropriate topic because, given my Statcounter, the most searched topic that brings people to my blog (this time of year) is "what do men wear to Coachella" and "Coachella men's outfits." 

Girls are pretty easy. If you have personality and your own sense of style, you can run with it and really just do whatever the heck you want. And it's essentially the same for boys. Granted, I have never hit up Coachella, so who knows. Maybe one year I will, but it's highly unlikely because I can't handle tourists and as it turns out, Coachella isn't much about the music -- it's mostly about being seen and all that good stuff. WHICH IS FINE. Don't get your panties in a wad. I know there are some die-hard music fans there, but there are plenty of die-hard music fans that don't go for the reason I just mentioned.

I would totally be down to hit up Indio if I planned ahead and had a house with a pool -- and would gladly lay out all day long while everyone else watched live music (while I listening via an iPod speaker or live stream). And then I'd go with everyone to the massive (and rumored to be "amazing") parties at night. Actually, that sounds perfect. I'd be all for that. Maybe I'm bitter? Probably. I'm still hoping one of my friends will be like, "Uh, Kirbie, you didn't know we had a house in Palm Springs/Desert/anything or the sort? COME and stay with us (for free) and get a tan and then we'll all party together at night." Just sayin'. Looks like I need to look into Lollapalooza...

Point being? I might not be there, but you can bet your bottom dollar I have watched friends pack for Indio and have seen the aftermath (aka Facebook photos) and know what's up.

Anyway, girls, do your thing. If you need suggestions, I know my girl Allison at FabSugar will have some videos for inspiration coming up. Allison is one of the best dressed people I know, so if she can't give you inspiration, I don't really know what to tell you.

Revert back to this post. Clearly, this post is NOT about how guys have the right (and obligation in this case) to dress like complete idiots and/or douchebags that is highly encouraged for music festivals, especially Coachella. I love SoCal but some of the men's fashion going on out here make my eyes bleed. I guarantee you’ll see dudes from the midwest, Texas, heck even New York, with v-neck tanks on in neon colors, sporting some kind of Indian emblem or saying things like "Let Your Mind Do the Talking" with some form of plaid pants and sandals – accessorized with Ray-Bans and a fedora, of course. You wouldn’t catch them wearing anything of the sort the other 51 weeks of the year.

When in Cali, right? Or more like, “When in Indio…”

Basically, read this post and you’re on the right track to dominating Coachella in a real sexy fashion. You can go to a music festival and look good AND be efficient, since it's going to be bloody hot outside. If you want to really rage and go all out, I'd recommend getting on a celebrity gossip site and looking up "Coachella" and see what most of those dudes are wearing.

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