May 5, 2012

Hair Chalking and Balayage Highlights -- at home

If you haven't heard about the chalking trend, it's basically a way to incorporate bright colors in your hair without going to the salon and risking a nasty dye job. It washes out in the shower, but there's some things you need to know before you decide to go to town on your hair. 

And, having lived through it myself, heed the following: don't flat iron or curl your hair while it's chalked or it will stain your hair (at least for blondes). I actually don't mind having some subtle, cotton candy pink in my hair, because I feel like the chalk I used was too bright of a pink and made me look like a punk rocker (which I can't pull off very well at all). So depending on if you want a more permanent look, curl or straighten your hair and THEN chalk away.

Also, here's a teaser for our upcoming DIY balayage video! Balayage is my favorite form of highlights, and I did it myself -- at home -- for a video on Bella. Turned out great! The video should post this week.

Lastly, need some inspiration for Mother's Day gifts? Here are my top picks for Mom!

(I'm making a real wonky face in this still, haha)

All of our videos can be found on and our Youtube channel!

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Kristin said...

Hi Kirbie,

I wanted to check with you before I balayaged my hair and accidentally do something tragic with it. I have a very similar blonde as you and I know you mentioned you are not meant to bleach the already existing highlights in your hair. Did you just balayage from your roots to the growth or did you pull it all the way through? Would it look strange if you pull it through just to the growth of the highlights? THANKS! Powered by Blogger.
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