Aug 28, 2012

I promise...

I'm still alive! I had a few revelations since my trip to Wichita, Kansas this past weekend and realized I miss writing and keeping this "journal" of sorts of my life.  I need it to keep me sane sometimes. And mostly, I feel like my creativity has being stifled since I stopped writing regularly. So in between work and planning my Fantasy Football draft, I will be getting back to my roots: this blog.

Until then, here's today's devotional from Joyce Meyer's Starting Your Day Right:

Give God Control
Romans 5:4

"You will not enjoy your day if anything is out of control. You can keep your temper, moods, emotions, appetite, mouth and thoughts in line with God's Word if you give Him control over the areas you want to subdue with faith. God created us with a free will, and we can choose the thing that is best for us.
Be free from old destructive habits by simply forming new ones. Don't let your emotions get out of control today. If, for instance, you feel your temper being to rise, pray quickly for God to fill you with the fruit of the Spirit. Use the self-control that He freely makes available to you."

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