Sep 14, 2012

20 years have come and gone

Today, my friends, Nicholas Johnson is officially IN HIS TWENTIES! This is actually making me sick to my stomach because I remember when I would calculate the year he would graduate high school and think, "2011? That's sooooo far away." And now the kid is a sophomore in college. (Cue a sappy montage with baby photos here.)

The CMT/"There's a Snake in My Boots!" era

Nick has been a good sport of a little brother, and we have (and have made) some unforgettable memories. Losing grandparents, losing an aunt; losing our dogs. His raging case of colic as a child. Me raking him across his crib because he would scream bloody murder and I would assist hi Jekyll m in escaping. His fascination with lint as a child and the way it felt against his nose -- I couldn't own Polly Pockets until this phase was over. Him falling out and down everything, from his safety seat to a flight of stairs. He's seen me after I ran straight into a tree and looked like the 6-year-old version of Dr. and Mr. Hyde. My obsession with *NSYNC and subsequently his performances. Dressing him up in my Pocahontas wig and My Size Barbie ballet tutu. He'd sleep in my room because he was scared at night, and my best friend Jennifer was pre-arranged to marry him when he grew up. I could go on -- the boy noises, Barney, The Van Incident. He's seen me at my worst, but still loved me regardless. 

Nick, you are a delight of a human being, and I am so proud to be called your sister. You have a great head on your shoulders and I couldn't ask for a more pain-free younger sibling. I'm thankful for our relationship. Keep being the great person you are... I know it's going to take you above and beyond in life. You can do anything you want because the world is your oyster, and your will, faith and determination are unmatched. Love you.

Also... I would be remiss if I didn't remember my sweet, precious Mima, Bessie Jane. We miss you terribly down here. Like always, I encourage you to read her story and celebrate who she was and what she represented for myself and many others. 


WHAT CHILD IS THIS? He was 9 lbs., 14 oz.
He's practically bigger than I am.

My aunt has a dog that I think weighs a pound. Maybe.

Christmas 2010

Birthday #25. He's younger... I think?

With our favorite babis, CADE!!!

They wub each udda
Christmas 2011


(Here's the grand finale...)

He came up with this himself. He was ready for Hanes, clearly.

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