Sep 30, 2012

Don't Be Wishy-Washy With Your Life. (So eloquent, I know.)

Happy October! Guess what people? We're into the home stretch. Yep, 2012 is about to be OV-AH. Absolutely mind blowing, isn't it?

We may have self-induced Type II diabetes
in this household after this month
I love October and how whimsical it is. I always feel like anything is possible this time of year. Things are changing: the weather, the scenery; if we're lucky, we'll experience a change or two in our lives as well. This time last year, I was applying for a position at PopSugar, anxiously awaiting a response, and keeping my fingers crossed that I'd get a job doing what I truly wanted to do within the next year. Time flies...

Some of you may follow me on Instagram (@kirbiej) and see a devotional that I post frequently from my iBooks. To answer your questions, I found the book through Rihanna (of all people) and it's called Starting Your Day Right by none other than Joyce Meyer. These are relatively short devotionals that take about a minute to read and a two minutes to ingest, so they're great for people like me who wish they had 36 hour days. 

One devotional from the past week that I really needed to read was called "Sow Generously." Joyce references 2 Corinthians 9:6 and starts by saying
"We don't sow now and reap a harvest five minutes later. We need to endure patiently in order to reap the blessing of righteousness."
I read this and immediately my anxiety was washed away. I'm one of those people who is constantly thinking of where they're headed, what they can be doing to make themselves better, how they can better anything they touch -- and for me, that's work. This short devotional reminded me that everything takes time. Each day, do your best, and you will see those benefits sooner or later -- but don't get disgruntled if you don't see them immediately. Everything has a time and place.

Another thing this reminded me of is not to do something just for the recognition. Each day, plant your seeds -- each being good for yourself or, better yet, to someone else -- and get gratification knowing you gave it 150% each day. If you live your life dependent on the approval from other people, you'll end up feeling empty inside. What if the person you were seeking approval from gives it to you, but it wasn't what you were expecting? The point is that you shouldn't be living for others. Live for yourself. And for God's glory... it is the most important, after all.

One other note: it says to sow "generously." Meaning sow every day, all the time, and be diligent. I think this is so, so, so important. Don't be wishy-washy with your life. When things get tough -- you're not getting work, you lost a loved one or cut off a relationship, are going through financial or health struggles -- whatever it is, be diligent. Keep looking for work. Don't stop for one day. Don't stop praying that your health will get better. Forge ahead. Be persistent. Keep going.

I say this in particular to us rowdy people in LA. It's the easiest place to get discouraged, because nothing is easy or comfortable here. Even going to the grocery store can turn out to be utter chaos. But if you have a dream or a goal you're trying to obtain, listen to God and diligently work towards that goal. Remember that God likes us to reap the fruits of our labor -- meaning hard work will be involved. If you change your "dreams" every day, it will be difficult to work hard just to obtain one of them. Keep your mind on what you set out to do, and with achieving one goal, you will reap other opportunities (or "dreams," if you will). 

I'm not saying you can't have multiple goals for your life. I have about 27 I'd like to achieve. But instead of being a jack of all trades, master of none, try being someone who is an expert or really outstanding at one skill, job, etc. before conquering your other goals. I have to remind myself of this every day. I try to keep myself polished on many aspects of my life, but right now my main focus is getting to be the best host I can be. (So my dreams of learning to play the electric guitar and subsequently going on tour with Aerosmith will be placed on hold for the time being...)

Hope this helped you as much as it helped me!

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