Oct 23, 2012

Back to Basics

The bread and butter combo for this blog for a long, long time (before I neglected it -- sorry baby!) was something I like to call "the fun stuff." If you moved to LA, you would be lying if you said you didn't get psyched every once and awhile by all of the opportunity that lies here.

Yes, we all like to complain about everyone and everything -- who is a mega (insert full-of-themselves, derogatory term here), who changed their career in computer analytics and is now a lead actor on a prime time TV show, why we're still single and why people still insist on getting obliterated at XIV -- but then you do something that reminds you, "Hey. You know what? If I wasn't here, I wouldn't be doing (insert awesome thing here)." So you deal with all the crap that makes you complain because of these awesome moments.

This blog documented all of those activities and opportunities: things that made me giddy and mesmerized. So let's get back to basics. There's too much fun that has been had to neglect it any longer.

First up: Halloween Horror Nights. 

Sure, there's haunted houses everywhere, but Halloween at Universal Studios is like no other. I mean, these people are responsible for ridiculous horror movies, and getting to walk through a "maze" which is actually comparable to a movie set is even more terrifying. This year, myself, Producer Lauren, A.Dramz, Kasia (Our Polish makeup artist) and Page took the metro (my first time -- not as bad as I thought) to Universal. This was the first year I wasn't crapping my pants before entering the park. I think realizing that everyone else was more scared than me made me put on my big girl panties and get into super defense mode. I mean, if I had a bow and arrow I would have been Katniss Everdeen all up in that biotch. Well, Lauren wasn't scared. But she had a crutch, so in addition to getting us front-of-the-line passes (such a score), she was using it as her defense. I can't tell you how many times I heard "LAUREN! HIT THEM WITH THE CRUTCH!" I thought she was going to kill the zombies (again...?) in The Walking Dead maze. 

Lauren, Allison and I try to attend events every now and then so I won't bore you with party-hopping stories but these photos from the Hello Kitty | Nylon event are to presh to pass up.

Hello, Kitty! Meow Meow

Last week, PopSugar held a party to celebrate the opening of our new studios. This meant pulling out the big guns, so we got Ellie Goulding to come and perform. I was all kinds of stoked about this, considering all I could think the whole time was, "it's getting ROYAL UP IN HERE!" I mean, I feel like I've practically been inducted into the royal family at this point. Just kidding. But seriously...
Having Ellie perform was a little sentimental to us all because, when I started, our music library had some okay tunes, but two of them were "Lights" and "Starry Eyed." I was shocked because, hello, it's Ellie Goulding, and we had access to her music...? I thought we must have paid a ton to get those tracks! But we scored them when she was an up-and-comer, so that was neat to see it all come full circle for us -- and herself.

Here are a ton of photos from the performance, including a few with my coworkers.

MAC released their Marilyn Monroe collection, and to celebrate it, their PR team took a group of journalists on a Hollywood Star tour of all of Marilyn's hot spots, from her houses she lived in to her grave site. It was so insightful to chat with their Director of Creative Artistry, Gregory Arlt -- who, by the way, is so charming and hilarious that it's about time someone pitched his reality show -- regarding the creative process and his clients (Gwen Stefani, Christina Hendricks, Dita Von Teese, Scarlet Johansson) and learn about Marilyn's personal history too. Plus, a cemetery in October? Score!

Fun fact: roses are delivered to Marilyn's grave every day. This tradition was started by her ex-husband, Joe Dimaggio, and when he died, there was money at the florist to keep it going. When the money ran out, Hugh Heffner picked up the tab. He has a space designated right next to her.

Last night I interviewed Lauren Conrad at her book tour in Santa Monica. I love interviewing and getting to meet people that I see all the time in the news. I usually interview makeup artists and hair stylists for my job but obviously I love a celebrity interview and Lauren was sweet, well-spoken and looked great! She was wearing some "kick-ass" (her words) Louboutins with a high, Bond girl ponytail. I truly have hair envy for this woman, and she was so polite too!

Also, this is fun and hilarious, but today a friend posted this from Kendra Scott Jewelry on my wall. We have an amazing stylist at Sugar, Faith, who provides us with tons of jewelry and clothes so we can create our own looks. I love color blocking and this Kendra Scott necklace was the perfect purple addition to my orange blouse. It was so cool of them to feature the look on their Facebook page -- go Kendra! 

I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. I'm gearing up for holiday gift guides, so it feels like Christmas in October right now! This month has been too much fun for us at Bella since Halloween is so big in the beauty world -- check out our latest Beauty Books (Catwoman, Dia de los Muertos, Marie Antoinette) and How To's (Webby Woman, Halloween Nail Art, Claw Nails) for any Halloween inspiration you may need!

And, if you're lacking costume ideas, here are suggestions from last year. Don't worry, they will still be a big hit this year since they're classics. Also, there are some old school photos of me as a child in case you get a kick out of making fun of children with permed hair. (More: How to Win a Halloween Costume Contest, Not Costume-ing At All, Scarface and Paint-face Halloween ideas)

This isn't a promotion, but some of you are asking about my Twitter. I don't link Twitter to Facebook because I find that annoying (and let's be honest here: sometimes I go a little Twitter cray cray) but you can find me @kirbiej on both Twitter AND Instagram. Makes life so much easier when your Twitter matches your Insta, doesn't it? Anyway, I post behind-the-scenes photos, devotionals and fun beauty tutorial shots, so if you care about that stuff, check it out. I'm on there a lot more than this blog, apparently.

That'll do for now. I have a long blog post depicting my cousin's wedding from this past weekend coming soon. 

Thanks (as always) for reading --

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