Oct 3, 2012


This is a hard post for me to write literally and figuratively because A) I just created claw nails for a DIY today and can barely type with them (let alone not poke my eye out when I'm washing my face) and B) I cringe and recoil at the thought of chatting about anything politically-related on here, because that's not what you come here to read. You like to read about who I ran into at the grocery store and why I should be the one marrying Justin Timberlake, and what I'd be doing if I were The Bachelorette.  Serious stuff, obviously. But I think it's important to talk about the upcoming election, although I hate talking about politics. When you are on one side or the other, emotions get involved, people get heated, and it's really hard to understand why someone would vote for some idiot so-and-so that you would never vote for.

Many of you know me and that I have very definitive opinions about, well, anything and everything, and I'm not afraid to state them. But it's different with politics. I don't want to run around in circles arguing with people about what I am or am not, and why; who I'm voting for and why they shouldn't vote for _______. The fact is that arguing about politics is, to quote a lyric that immediately comes to mind: "like punching underwater, you never can hit who you're trying for." By me stating my opinion, it will not change who someone else has decided to put their vote in for.

However, I do think we have issues in America as far as facts. Anyone can make up a fact. Even journalists and news outlets, whom most of us depend on for information, consistently get things wrong and misconstrued, or, they spin them to fit their either predominantly Republican or Democrat bias. We need to start researching the things we hear on the radio and TV and not take them at face value to make sure they're not exaggerated, taken out of context or flat out lies as a part of a smear campaign. We haven't had an approved budget in three years (fact), and most people blame that on Republicans not cooperating. I don't believe that to be 100% fact, but I haven't investigated it enough to know the real reasons behind why we can't get a working budget instated for the greatest country in the world (who may or may not be experiencing financial ruin, like Greece, in the next few years). So I'm not going to get on Facebook and start posting statuses about why it's the Left or Right's fault, when I haven't fully investigated for myself.

What I really want to say though is this: just because someone doesn't fight verbally (our even aloud) for the candidate they're voting for, doesn't mean they're riding the fence, or just a moderate voter, or even uninformed. It reminds me of the quote "never mistake kindness for weakness." So many people see silence as an action, which I understand, but for me, it's more of a "I don't want to deal with this pointless argument again." Not a "I don't care and don't know anything about politics."

That's why I'd never run for office or join a political campaign; that's just me though. It's passion that makes the world go round -- find yours! -- and while I may not have it (passion) in terms of this upcoming election, or for either candidate (I'm having a hard time choosing whose policies re: the economy, healthcare, etc. best represent me), I'm glad there are many of you out there who are vocal for one side or the other. You tell 'em. Do the work for me. Just don't get upset when I'd rather not get into it, and that I may never reveal who I'm voting or not voting for when I make up my mind. 

PS: Put your money where your mouth is -- VOTE informed and responsibly!

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