Oct 10, 2012

What does your Facebook say about you?

One of my friends posted this on Twitter and I found it SO INTERESTING! I love metrics and stats of any kind, so this fills my heart with joy. #ReasonsWhyImSingle

Basically Zeebly goes through all of your statuses and shows what you post most about, when you post, who comments the most, the language you use, and more. It even describes your emotions, from happy to spiritual and even how humorous you are. So much fun! Oddly enough some of my top commenters aren't my Facebook friends anymore. Dun dun dun!

Humorous? Why thank you, Zeebly.

36? Eh, some days I'll go all out with 2 or 3 statuses.

Most popular: my family, second: my first video, runner up: my Tampax profile

Was there any doubt that Janet comments the most???

How did yours stack up? Let me know!

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