Dec 9, 2014

Bring back old school Disney

Remember as a child when Disney wasn't known for stars that went off the deep end? 

During that time, they held all kinds of concert series: B*Witched, Johnny Lang, 5ive, M2M, BBMak -- and one of my favorites was around the holidays. It started off with Tatyana Ali and I swear there was another performer but all I can remember besides Tat was *NSYNC. Obviously. These boys were the air I breathed for a good portion of my life, and this was when they were first getting started. (UPDATE: The third performer was SHAWN COLVIN!)

I need to clarify something: contrary to popular belief, I was not a Justin fan. I loved JC because I thought dating a man 10 years old than me was probably the coolest idea I ever had (if not just completely creepy -- I was 12, he was 22) but also, I had a feeling Justin was a little shit. And you know what? I was probably right. He was the youngest of the group, and just like Justin Bieber is stopping traffic in his Ferrari in Westwood and figuring out other ways to terrorize the citizens of LA, I imagine JT did the same thing because, hello, 18-year-old boys with too many restrictions (in his case, bodyguards and handlers) will equal complete and utter chaos. Either that or wife-beaters and oversized K-Fed hats. (Biebs... it's not a good look.) 

Anyway, I got bored and guess what? The entire Disney Channel Holiday Concert is up on Youtube. Gotta love technology these days. I guarantee you if I waited a day and went through all my VHS tapes at home (which, I am pretty sure we don't even own a video tape player anymore)  I could probably find this on one of them, since I taped everything they did -- and I mean everything. EVERYTHING. I taped every time they were on TRL in hopes that my message I sent on the website would pop up. (It never did). I taped their little guest spot on Love Line with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. My mother was furious, and I will never forget the look on poor JT's face when some girl asked a completely obnoxious and inappropriate sexual question (I don't even think I knew that the context of the show was all sex-related at that age). It was ridiculous, but a) it was the only way I could learn all of their choreography, duh, and b) if I was going to meet and greets, I wanted to be sure not to ask a question they'd heard before. (Just the budding journalist inside of me.)

Here is the concert series in all it's glory. Side note: I didn't really get the deep sexual innuendoes that stem from "Under My Tree" (Part 4). Naughty!

Do yourself a favor and share this with your friends because they will be giddy. And they will think, "Man, I'm glad *NSYNC didn't turn into those washed-up Backstreet Boys." I mean, I couldn't take any of them seriously if they were still a band. Joey has like three kids at this point. (Although I wouldn't be opposed to a small holiday appearance on Ellen so they could sing some of their classics. Actually, who am I kidding. I would be sitting first class on the Hot Mess Express if they serenaded me with "God Must Have Spent...")

By the way, this was 1998. Feel old. I was 11. 

PS: I found my Halloween costume next year. Macaroni hair, giant khaki turtleneck; Timberland boots.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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