Nov 6, 2012

VOTE, but don't vote for this guy

I rarely give political opinions, but it's Election Day so here's my two cents:

California, vote YES to Prop 37 -- we deserve to know what's in our food! More importantly, I have no idea how districting works here (it's my first time voting in this state), but if Henry Waxman is on your ballot, DO NOT vote for him! Get him out of office. I've kept quiet on a few things lately but I can talk about this. Score. 

He's responsible (with his buddy Selig) for The Mitchell Report and U.S. vs. Roger Clemens, a laughable federal case which was (the CliffNotes version) a modern day Salem Witch Trial, a case made in vain by the government. He chaired the congressional committee that presided over the hearing that got the whole thing started in 2008. They went through not one, BUT TWO trials! TWO! All over testimony he received from one person, and with no proof, no positive drug tests -- nada. (Please don't get me started on aforementioned said "person.")

None of what Waxman had said stood in court, and unfortunately for him, he lost his battle on June 18th, 2012. Unfortunately for us though, it wasted taxpayer money for FOUR YEARS. Anyone with a sound mind who can spend $2-$3 mil (that's only the second trial, people) on a hidden agenda needs to be removed from public office. He's been in Congress since 1975, so let's make a change and let this man retire. Really, we're doing him (and ourselves) a huge favor. 

To read more why he has got to go, The Daily Beast lays out the past five years + this case pretty well. 

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