Nov 4, 2012

You Down With OCC? (Even if you're not, keeping reading!)

Howdy. The 2012 leg of the Holy Matrimony Tour has almost come to an end. I culminate the whole thing with my final wedding of the year in December. It's been a true blessing, getting to see my best girlfriends so frequently this year. Definitely it's been time cherished, considering all of them will be married off by this time next year, and I know things will change!

With all the traveling comes sickness, and I can already tell I'm in for something monstrous this week in terms of my health. I'm bruising like nobody's business (it's garnered double takes from people on the street), my voice has a husky, Lindsay Lohan ring to it, and I feel like I'm in finals mode: exhausting my mind and body for the sake of acing the test. Not sure what the test is in this situation, but go with it.

Anyway, it's easy to complain when you don't have any real issues to deal with, which brings me to this post. I was starting a pity party for myself when I realized that it's time to start packing shoe boxes! The past eight years I've donated to Samaritan's Purse and it's been one of the most fulfilling things I do during the holiday season. There is nothing more heartwarming, knowing that you are helping someone in need. I've said this before, but while it is heartwarming, it's heartbreaking as well. Realizing there are people struggling, who are happy just to get the most smallest of gestures -- a shoe box -- because they have nothing else is something that makes my heart sink. They are happy to have a hot meal, clean water, or even go to school. These boxes light up their lives. So while they may be small to us, they're a huge help and a source of excitement, hope and joy for others.

Courtesy of Samaritan's Purse

Anyway, this is my post that I re-blog every year with the new dates for collection week. Take a look to see what you need to pack or just visit the Samaritan's Purse website and they'll give you all the details. You can pack and send as many boxes as you like. I love this organization because while they help overseas, they also help here in the United States where it's needed -- so I'm sure this year a lot of boxes will go to children on the east coast, who had to endure the terror of Sandy. (Here's another, more detailed post re: Operation Christmas Child, what it's all about, etc.)

I would be remiss, however, to think that only Christians or people who celebrate Christmas deserve to get a box or give a box. I have been looking for Jewish organizations that do something similar to this, but unfortunately I don't know much about this area (which are best, etc.) and don't want to recommend organizations I haven't worked with first-hand. Please, lead me in the right direction! I'll post them all here. (And not just for Jewish recs either -- any other organizations that you think should be included, please send them my way!) Here are a few that I know would love help this holiday season:

American Red Cross
Also, here's a link on Amazon to easily order supplies for Sandy victims

Also, be sure to check your area locally to see what organizations may be in dire need of your help. Each of the aforementioned organizations are fairly popular, but smaller groups need some love too. A great place to start is your hometown!

Have fun and tweet me your holiday giving spirit on Twitter! (@kirbiej)

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