Jan 13, 2013

Can't wait to get you on the floor, good lookin'

Let me show you a few thangs...

First off, I know I broke up with Justin upon his engagement/marriage, but it's safe to say this love affair is BACK ON, AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF. I love a man who is in control. Exhibit A: his new song, "Suit and Tie." 

Stop, let me get a good look at it. Okay. Just for you, Mr. Timberlake...

Me with J. Randall Timby when I was 16

Justin is BACK. It's only been, you know, six long, excrutiating years, but he just released his new single featuring Jay-Z. I appreciate that Justin isn't pumping albums out like a batch of cookies, but this has been terribly overdue. Timbaland apparently produced his entire album, and frankly I'm shocked we haven't heard anything leak the past few months. Nuts. 

I have to admit, I was scared. The beginning of S&T is chopped and screwed, definitely a departure from his usual singles, but listening to it a little longer, it gets back to what Justin is all about. I loved the throwback references of 'Justified' -- very Michael Jackson 'Thriller,' if you will. 'Future Sex Love Sounds' made him the artist he is today, however, proving he's more of an R&B artist that pop. And I ain't mad at that. 

The song makes me want to drive down the strip in a covertable, throwing $20 bills out into the streets; walk into a party, grab a glass of champagne, and then jump into a pool with a gown on. Sounds ridiculous, but this is one of those songs that you're going to get ready to, pump yourself up in the car to; you'll probably hear it on the new E! spots instead of Nicki Minaj's "Va Va Voom," with Ryan and Giuliana making quips about manicures and Jennifer Lawrence humbly admitting her shock of even being nominated... making award season one of those truly larger-than-life events that everyone should be jealous they aren't a part of. 

The real question, however, is are we getting a JT TOUR THIS YEAR? Because if it does -- Emily and Mel -- pack your bags, we're going to Vegas. True story: I've seen Justin perform in concerts since I was 12, and I haven't been to a concert in a long, long time. I plan on coming out of hiding with a JT comeback, preferably at Mandalay Bay, this summer. 

Here is a sample of the track. You can buy it on iTunes, but you can preview the first three minutes.


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