Jan 6, 2013

The most delicious thing you'll make this week

Last week I posted a photo of this brussels sprouts salad I made, and it had many comments asking for the recipe. So here it is in all its delicious glory!

Sprouty Spice Salad
1 bag brussels sprouts, raw (I bought a microwavable bag of the from Trader Joes)
.25 cup whole walnuts
2 strips turkey bacon, sliced
2 spoonfuls feta cheese, crumbled
1 tbsp garlic olive oil
.5 cup water
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
.5 tbsp raw honey
Cranberries to taste

1. Heat a pan with garlic olive oil, then add brussels sprouts in -- cut into halves. I did not microwave my sprouts. 
2. Pour water into the pan. Cover for 3-5 minutes
3. The water will evaporate, making the sprouts tender. At this point, add in your slices of turkey bacon
4. Cook the bacon until it's tender and darkened on both sides
5. Next, add in raw honey and balsamic vinegar to the mix. You can nix the honey, but I like it because it add a little sweetness to the savory flavor of the sprouts and bacon
6. Let sit for one minute until the honey and vinegar create a glaze; mix around in the pan and remove from heat
7. In a large bowl, add feta, walnuts and cranberries. Mix thoroughly and serve hot!

I used a small handful of cranberries but you can add as many or little as you like. Hope you enjoy! 

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