Feb 4, 2013

Last week on the Best Week Ever...

Kidding. Well, actually, I'm not. Sue me. I feel like last week was one of the best weeks I've had in awhile! Not saying I haven't been enjoying my life or anything, but when it comes to monumental fun, last week ranks pretty high. It reminded me of what I set out to do when I moved here almost four (four? FOUR!!!) years ago. (Also, I don't know why this is centered, it's not letting me justify and it's driving me insane.) 

I started off the week interviewing Zooey Deschanel. Just typing that sentence makes me giddy. I keep fantasizing that I'll have a recurring role as Nick's long lost sister, or Jess' second cousin, on 'New Girl.' Just allow me to put some money in the douchebag jar and I'll be happy. Anyway, getting to meet and interview her was one of my goals for 2013, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity. 

We interviewed her as she is Pantene's new brand ambassador, and she was just as great in person as she seems on television. I think a lot of people forget that Zooey wasn't always "adorkable." She's known for deadpan (Almost Famous, Elf) and wasn't always this squealy, squeeky-clean character. I remember her more for 500 Days of Summer, 'indie chick' Zooey and not so much as running into glass walls Zooey. But I think that speaks volumes for her range: girlfriend has a Golden Globe, Emmy AND a Grammy. (Who else is psyched for the new She & Him album?)

Because my focus at work is beauty, all of my interviews are so much fun! I get to dive into straight-up girl talk. What's your favorite product? What was the worst look you ever tried out? How do you keep your skin so clear? It's slumber party chat, and it's awesome. But for adults. Obviously.

We got to chatting and I let her know I a) didn't have a DVR (shocking, I know) and b) that I watched 'New Girl' right at 9PM. OR I'd watch on Hulu because I like watching it at the gym, but had to stop after that one time I tripped, fell, and slammed my head on the treadmill after laughing particularly hard during the holiday episode. Instead of acting like I was a complete fool, she told me that I should definitely get a DVR but also that I'm helping their numbers by watching on time! And then we talked about viewership and metrics -- MY LANGUAGE OF CHOICE. Clearly I was in heaven. 

You can watch the entire interiew here. Truly, she knows a lot about beauty and if you do one thing, invest in a cleansing oil! 

The fun didn't stop there. I may be 26, but I'm also an avid 'Pretty Little Liars' viewer. We went and interviewed Shay Mitchell at the Juicy Couture store in Beverly Hills and she's such a lively, fun, energetic interview. Shay, like Zooey, loves face oils and wears Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil, a favorite of Celebrity Hairstylist Andy Lecompte. Andy uses it in his hair as well because he claims all hair oils are too oily. (The reason I'm mentioning Andy is because he was in-studio today.) In addition to chatting about eating pizza in the morning and loving Tyra Banks, Shay told us that somebody is not returning to Rosewood in tomorrow night's PLL, and I have no idea who that could be. AH!

Thursday night, my coworkers and I decided to hit an early Valentine's Day party at Pink Taco, let loose and have fun. It was a 90's themed shindig and reminded me of being an undergrad (minus when I realized I was overly intox after two drinks). When we walked in, Blossom (Mayim Bialik) was being interviewed. However, this was not the cherry on the ice cream sundae, people, as Mr. Belding and Joey Lawrence were spotted as well. AND LANCE BASS. It was like all my favorite 90's things (including the music) were making a comeback, even if it was for one night. Oh, and it doesn't STOP THERE! Debbie Gibson performed. All-4-One performed. And Sean gave me the final rose. Well, not exactly. But he did remember my tweet during the holidays, and called me out on it. 

"Wait, aren't you Kirbie from Twitter? Don't your aunt and uncle live by my parents?"

True, Sean, true. As my friend Melody puts it, my Twitter courtship skills are unparalled. Screw meeting men in real life, I entice my husband with witty tweets and get a commitment through a serious direct message conversation.  (And you're wondering why I'm still single...)

Friday we had an opportunity pop up at The Grove where we could interview Christina Ricci. ROBERTA? Is that you? Please tell me you understood that Now and Then reference. Anyway,  she was hilarious and said if she was going to actually listen to the best beauty advice she ever received, it would have been to stop plucking her eyebrows. The interview is basically a PSA of her warning people about the trials and tribulations of over-plucking. Genius and necessary -- brows are everything, people. Oh, and guess what? She learned to apply makeup on the set of The Addams Family. Talk about a monumental makeup moment. The interview goes live tomorrow. www.bellasugar.com

Just when I think Los Angeles couldn't get any more exciting, weeks like this happen, and I'm back to being my 19-year-old self: bright-eyed and bushy tailed. 

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