Mar 3, 2013

Planet Salon in West Hollywood: The Salon Files

323 S. Robertson Boulevard, 90211

If you're blonde, this Planet is definitely for you.

I imagine myself to be super annoying when it comes to my hair. I'm okay with professionals trying different things, but I know what looks good, ultimately. I love exploring different hairstyles, but I feel very strongly about the phrase "if it's not broke, don't fix it." I've been around the block with hair color and styling; I know that my hair needs bend to it or else it looks ratty. I also know that I need to grow out my hair, but during this in-between phase, my "bangs" are too heavy, so they need to be curled back so they sweep away from my face... or else I'll look like I have some kind of harsh angular cut, and it's just not attractive. I also know what my hair does or doesn't do when it comes to color.

Knowing all this, I was in the market for a new hair salon. I booked an appointment at Planet Salon by referal from our Style Director, Meg. I needed my roots touched up (after my mother's harassment) and wanted to find a place closer to work (I had been traveling to the west side) that used either Aveda or Wella color. My hair had a hideous yellow tint on camera that wasn't flattering at all, and I figured out that it was because of the color being used on my hair. 

I look horrendous
Meg referred me to Dean, so I called and made a consultation so we could talk about what I wanted. First off, I wanted my natural color to grow in and become my lowlight, but I knew that would be hard because I hadn't done that in awhile, and because I had been using different lightening sprays on my hair, my natural color wasn't readily visible. 
I also wanted to convert from foils to balayage, but knew that would be hard too until my natural color grew in. I also wanted to be brighter, and maybe even a bit lighter (gasp!). 

At the consultation, I loved Dean's demeanor. He listened (novel concept) and offered solutions, and even took a look at the photos I brought in, and gave me advice based off seeing those pictures. He mentioned that most women tend to bring in several photos, but a lot of times they're all different colors of blonde or brunette, so it can get confusing figuring out what the client really wants. Sometimes you need a colorist to tell you what color family will work or won't work for you, and Dean is that guy. Luckily, the photos I brought in were all in the same color family, and he pointed out the characteristics of each photo that I loved and suggested we add them into my own hair. Was this man my hair soulmate? The Kristin Ess to my Lauren Conrad? Sure seemed liked it.

Luckily, after my consulatation he was able to take me immediately. 

And, bonus: Planet Salon is an Aveda concept salon, but they also have Wella color too — a perfect match for what I was looking for.

Here's what we did: Dean foiled my hair with a few shades (something I only had done in Texas and  was delighted Dean was going for): one highlight and one medium blonde. We had to foil at this appointment because my regrowth wasn't enough to start in with the balayage. To restore the health of my hair, he put on this ridiculous mask after the color. I sat under a dryer, which they refer to as the Wall-E, for about 10 minutes and afterwards my hair felt as soft as the day I was born. Baby hair is back, y'all!

My hair felt and looked fantastic, and in addition the lovely Aveda tea and amazing scalp massage, they also provide complementary hand and shoulder massages: the hand massage while you're in the chair; the shoulder massage after you've gotten washed up. You never know how badly you need your hands and fingers to be massaged until it actually happens. It's like the clouds parted and I was experiening some level of Utopia. 

I left a happy camper, but once I got to the studio, I knew I'd have to go back in to get "fixed." On camera, the color was still flat and had a twinge of yellow. (ARGH.) I don't blame Dean, I blame my hair. In person it looked great, but still a little one dimensional, so I called and booked again for the next morning. Dean was more than happy to accommodate me, and after chatting, he decided the best and most effective route was to create dimension by adding lowlights (something I figured I needed) and then would add a few more baby blonde pieces to accentuate my face. The lowlights made the color from the day before look brighter, but also will help get my natural color back into the mix at future appointments, since my regrowth will naturally blonde with the added lowlight. And then to tone down any yellow tint, he added a gloss. Hallelujah! 

FYI: If your hair keeps turning out yellow, it's because your colorist has not let the blonde process long enough. You want your color to look like the inside of a banana, not the outside, right? But if you color your hair and it looks yellow, it can be damaging to put bleach on again, so always explore the option of a gloss or a toner. They essentially mean the same thing, but glosses add shine while toning down the color of your hair. 

Also, with a new colorist or stylist, don't be afraid to go back in. It's a learning process to see what works or doesn't work with your hair. If you went on a date and had a wonderful time but wasn't 100% in love, you wouldn't just ditch him, right? You'd go for another date to see if you and him may have a promising future together. Same goes for colorists and stylists. If you love it the first go around, great! If it needs help, go back in and explain what you don't like. They're used to it, and they want their work to make you happy. 

For me, I know my hair doesn't take well to bleach, so it has to be left on a bit longer than expected. Dean hadn't ever worked with my hair before, but after my first appointment, we have our groove. Plus, we're both on the same page when it comes to shades, hair health, and the process of getting my hair longer and stronger. All things you should agree on with the person in charge of your hair's look and texture, am I right? 

PS: I'm thinking going for Lauren Conrad's new ombré blonde color in April. What do you think?

Everything about this salon was a delight, so I give it a solid A. It's clean, it's fun and upbeat, and everyone is friendly. No condescending stylist types here. Only downside: parking. It's on Robertson, so street park or try to find a lot.

My hair does look 1,000 times better. I will definitely be a regular at PS!

The KirbsNotes Version: Planet Salon
An Aveda Concept Salon
My hair: Fine, medium length
Service: Foil Highlights + Balayage Tips: $180 without tip
Parking: Street
Location: West Hollywood; Beverly Hills adjacent
Color: Wella and Aveda
Hours: Tues 2-9, Wed-Fri 9-9, Sat 8-8, Sun 10-4
Cleanliness: A
Services Offered: Color, Cuts, Straightening treatments, Hair repair treatments, relaxers, blowouts, extension application, waxing, makeup application
Blowouts: Done by assistant


Unknown said...

Planet Salon moved to a new location January 2014:

8126 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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