Apr 10, 2013

What men wear to Coachella (2013)

When my traffic increases on my blog, I always hit up Statcounter to see why, since I don't post as frequently. The past two weeks my post "I'm a dude, what the hell do I wear to Coachella?" has been the #1 source of traffic, and it reminded me that a few weeks ago I created a bunch of new inspiration boards for the boys to use, especially for 2013.

For whatever reason, blogger hasn't been letting me embed things. So here's the link to men's pants, men's tops, and men's shoes for the festival.

So gents, enjoy. And remember, it gets cold at night, so bring a jacket and jeans; pack SPF 30 or higher, reapply every two hours, wear a hat and sunglasses at all times, and drink plenty of water. (Make sure it's water not mixed with vodka the entire time.) HYDRATE, PEOPLE!

And, for the ladies, we have whole load of stuff on the site aimed just for you. Some beauty inspo:

Coachella hair inspiration
Coachella nail inspiration
My personal Coachella inspo board

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