Aug 25, 2013

The Best Moments From the Video Music Awards 2013

It wouldn't be an award show without some of my social commentary, would it? Because I like to live tweet as much as a I like puppies.

So, without further adieu, here are my top moments. I'm sure they match yours:

5. Gaga Kia Commercial
Kudos to Kia for getting Gaga's 'Applause' up in this hamster commercial. Brownie points to Gaga for not giving any f*cks... wearing her thong in the audience and apparently getting sloshed.

4. Taylor's 'Shut the Fuck Up' Moment
While I do have to say she seems rather bitter about the Harry Styles thing, I kind of like seeing Taylor get pissy. I always thought the worst word she'd ever say would be "fudge" or something sweet like that.

3. One Direction Reactions (Miley, Taylor's win, *NSYNC)
Don't mind me as I get on my soap box about this: One Direction is not remotely comprable to *NSYNC. Please stop saying they have a lot to learn from them. They don't have anything to learn. In fact, I hope they don't learn anything because I don't want my British babies wearing wind breakers or going through a demin suit phase. That was hard enough for me to endure as a 13-year-old; I couldn't handle it as a 26-year-old. 
1D doesn't dance, they curse, and they're British. Opposite ends of the spectrum. 

Case and point? 

Furthermore, they've outsold *NSYNC by several million at this rate, so, although I do love me some *NSYNC (die hard super fan right here), they could stand to learn a little something from 1D, if we're talking about taking notes. 

Also, *NSYNC never would have been caught with alcohol in tow at an award show. (Pat on the back to Louis with his pint.)

Now, to the reactions!

During Miley's performance:

After Taylor mentioned who "I Knew You Were Trouble" was about:
(Louis trying to keep it together — brilliant. Also, that song was written before their relationship so I have no idea why she's trying to stir the pot.)

Harry looks pleased with himself. I'm pleased with you too, stud. 

During the JT/*NSYNC reunion:
Niall: loving it. Louis: I'm the only one old enough to get a pint over here. Harry: me in 10 years.

Here's Harry casually eating an orange during Drake's performance. Boyfriend needed some sustinence. He's still jamming though.

2. Miley concerns us; we may need to get her on a 5150 hold soon.
Listen, I wouldn't say this was the best or even the most average performance of the night, however, it was one you couldn't forget. I don't want to write anything because it's not going to be positive. But I can't believe Robin Thicke got himself mixed up in this mess.

Lookin' like the damn Hamburglar


1. Justin Timberlake 
I was sweating during this entire performance because I had a feeling I may or may not sob during *NSYNC. So glad they did that little tribute; Justin was perfect as ever. Also, please don't try to date me unless your swag level is at a "Justin Timberlake." Thanks.

Watch his whole performance.

What did you think? It has to be some show when Kanye West performed and he wasn't he most talked about.


Nikki said...

Best recap post ever - I totally missed that Taylor Swift thing - glad to see she's not SUCH a goodie goodie. P.S. The girl sitting next to Rhianna looks bored out of her mind.. haha!
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It wouldn't be an award show without some of my social commentary, would it? Because I like to live tweet as much as a I like puppies. Guru and Solar Powered by Blogger.
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