Sep 16, 2013

Playlist, September 2013

Why hello there.

I've been on a roll lately, engaging my inner 13-year-old. A One Direction concert, the Taylor Swift concert; Disneyland. I'm totally unashamed and loving every minute of it.

At work, I am usually subject to ridicule because my ringtone is "Teenage Dream" and hell, I just love pop music. But why put me in a box, people? I love all types of music.

Here's what I've been jamming to lately. Namely it's been Betty Who's new EP, The Movement (which you can download for free!), but in addition to all that, here is my Spotify playlist. (Accurately titled "Jam City.") (Also, I cannot promise this list will be bubblegum pop-free.)


1. The Saturdays, Higher
2. Tegan and Sara, I Was a Fool 
Saw them in concert on the 4th -- so amazing! If you are enduring a breakup, this song will be your theme song.
3. Ciara, Livin It Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 
I think Ciara's new album is grossly underrated. I feel like Rihanna and Rita Ora kind of steal her thunder but girlfriend has it going on.
4. Ciara, Overdose
5. Selena Gomez, Birthday
Listen. As much as I like Selenerrr — Tejas girls have to stick together — there isn't one song of here's that I'm like THIS IS MY JAM. Well, wasn't, anyway. However, Birthday IS MY JAM.

6. CHVRCHES, The Mother We Share
7. George Ezra, Benjamin Twine
I had to get up early this morning to catch the Burberry Prorsum show at London Fashion Week. You know, the one that Cara Delevigne walked in and Harry Styles attended. Anyway, the first song is by George Ezra and it's called Benjamin Twine. I'm obsessed. (Here's the stream of the show!)
8. Haim, The Wire
Please don't speak to me if you don't know who Haim is. Think Fleetwood Mac meets The Pretenders.
9. Le Youth, C O O L
When Cassie first came out with "Me & U," I was embarrassed to like the song because it was so... naughty. (I was 17.) And this just takes naughty to a classier, elevated level. I love it.
10. Neon Hitch, Love You Betta
11. Tove Lo, Habits
I am dying for Tove Lo. They call her the Swedish Ke$ha, which is accurate lyrically, but melodically and sound-wise in general, she kicks Ke$ha's ass. Like, Ke$ha songs make me embarrassed for people who want to brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack, but Tove Lo singing about puking in the tub makes it sound cool and not pathetic at all.

12. Charli XCX, What I Like
Charli has written for Britney Spears and I'm pretty sure is heavily featured on her new album. I'm partially convinced that she sings half of Britney's tracks because they have a similar tone at times.
13. Cara Salimando, Dust
This song reminds me of Vanessa Carlton, although it sounds nothing like her.
14. Travis, Flowers in the Window
15. Katy Perry, ROAR
Sue me. I will always love Katy Perry because she makes kick ass music videos.

16. Lady Gaga, Applause
17. Ellie Goulding, Burn
Why this song is not taking off in the U.S. blows my mind. 
18. Bonnie McKee, American Girl
She writes for Katy Perry... do I need to explain myself any further?
As disastrous as Miley Cyrus's reputation, life, and overall sense of self is, she is putting out some decent music. Collaborating with Will.I.Am on this one was a great move.
20. London Grammar, If You Wait (entire album)
This album haunts me. I could listen to it all day, but then I would try to slit my wrists. Just kidding. You'll play this entire album on repeat for days. Try Metal & Dust, Hey Now, and Strong.
21. Betty Who, The Movement EP
Euphoria. That's how I feel listening to Betty Who. Basically it feels like Passion Pit, Robyn and College had a baby and then she popped out. Her single is "Somebody Loves You," which is great, but I am LOVING High Society and You're In LoveWe'll drink Chardonnay every day if you say so... a silk lapel suits you well...
22. Foy Vance, Feel For Me
So I heard about Foy Vance because of Ed Sheerhan. He reminds me a lot of Ray Lamontange and Mumford. Definitely "folk-soul." He has a collaboration with Bonnie Raitt, which is bloody amazing. The whole album is a bit melancholy. I imagine his music in a movie where there is a little hope and a realist approach. Feel For Me makes me hurt in the best way possible.

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