Nov 18, 2013

One Direction Midnight Memories Album Leak

Well, we done and did good for the most part. And by we, I mean borderline psychotic One Direction fans. Usually something gets leaked. I'm shocked "Story of My Life" didn't get leaked before the radio debut... proof there is a God! 

In all seriousness though, the time has come. The album leak of the Midnight Memories era. "Diana" was leaked a long time ago, before "Story of My Life" was even a sparkle in our eyes. This leak is giving me life right now. 

If you don't know, yes, I'm 26 and fully loving One Direction. And you know what? I'm sick of making excuses. Is it a crime to like their music? For real. Back off. They make catchy music that I can loop while I'm writing or running or driving and, not to mention, they're British and they're cuter than a bloody litter of French bulldogs. I jam to Take Me Home on the regular while running on the tread. It pushes me to new heights. (I never thought I could run a fast 10 and I went for it during "She's Not Afraid" — and managed not to kill myself or anyone else.) 

Moving on: I was a little suprised they went with "Story of My Life" as a single because a) it's not too pop-driven, b) it doesn't sound like them and c) I figured they'd do something really fast and uptempo. But I think it was a great strategy, given most people I know sing along to it and then they're lying dead on the cold hard ground after I inform them that One Direction sings the song that they had assumed was Mumford and Sons or something.

Anyway, Midnight Memories doesn't release for a solid week, but apparently some hoodlums got a hold of a pre-sale disc and decided to upload the whole damn thing to the internet. Hence we all rejoice. And it appears as if 1D's bubble gum pop days are as dead as Hannah Montana. 

Let's dive right in. I am too lazy (and I'm not 15) to download the entire ripped album straight from the internet, so I've been randomly listening to songs as they get uploaded to Youtube. Here is the track listing, with notes, commentary and video links as I get them. *Many of these links will be broken soon. Youtube will more than likely remove a majority of them. Sorry! Be sure to download the album next Monday when it's released. 

1. "Best Song EverReleased with This is Us movie. Includes an adorable video. Getting flack for sounding too much like a rip off of The Who. 

2. "Story of My LifeThat single you are jamming to in the car as 30-year-old stockbroker until you realize it's a boy band. But you keep singing it. And if you haven't watched the video, get ready to shed a tear.

3. "DianaReminds me a lot of "Boys of Summer."
Side note: this is the track that leaked first. Someone got real creative with a rumor that spread, saying that they named the song "Diana" because the song is about self-harm and Princess Diana used to cut herself, and that the boys think their fans are princesses. I hate to break it to you children that were born in the mid-90's, but as someone who was a living, functioning human during the Diana era, I don't know one single source that reported that Princess Diana ever inflicted harm on herself. So calm down with that nonsense. 

4. "Midnight MemoriesThe anthem for their tour? I'm getting the feels for this song. They curse on this track, but they've faded it out for the 10-year-olds. Because they're good boys. Duh.

5. "You & IFor a hot minute, I swore they sampled "Heaven" by Bryan Adams for this song. Especially during the parts where they sing "You & I." I like the song, but I have to be a bit critical here: I'm thinking this entire album is taking the influence of Bryan Adams, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Mumford — whoever it may be — and included a few key chords from each song to incorporate them into their music. But it might be genius for a few reasons. Most of their demographic has probably never heard "Heaven" or "Teenage Wasteland," and it's a nice throwback memory for the parents who have to take their kids to the concerts. Everybody wins.

7. "StrongLove the lyrics on this one. Harry is particularly strong (heh) with his vocals. Zayn's solo is ridiculous as per usual. Voice of an angel. I could see this one playing in a trailer for some kind of romantic drama...

8. "HappilyThis reminds me of "Wake Me Up," "You Belong With Me," and "Little Talks." Folksy and upbeat.

9. "Right Now" 

10. "Little Black DressStrong rock sound on this one. If you didn't think Harry Styles was a mini Mick Jagger, you will once you hear this track. And I know some of you will think I am delusional, but in all seriousness, listen to this song, even if you hate boy bands. I promise you that you'll end up liking it. It sounds straight out of the 80's, like something that Don Hennley or one of your favorite hair bands would sing. The lyrics remind me of some of my favorite rock bands from the Rock of Ages era. Don't mind me as I stand on the bar and dance to this one...
Also, a few months back, a song called (at the time) "Just Can't Let Her Go" was leaked and was rumored to be the first single from the album. When the track listing was released, a rumor started that this song was actually called "Little Black Dress." Which is, very clearly, false. So here's to hoping they actually release this track at some point so we can download a full version. 

11. "Through The DarkThere's a lot of folk influence on this album. I feel like Harry's rice farmer hat-wearing ways have rubbed off on the rest of the group! But really, did Ed Sheeran write this? Nice message and beautiful vocal arrangement.

12. "Something GreatNot in love with this one right off the bat. Sounds very much like a Phillips Phillip song.

13. "Little White LiesAND THE BEAT DROPS. Yep, if Taylor Swift can incorporate dubstep into her country music smash, it was only a matter of time before 1D joined in on the fun. It's catchy AF. I presume this will be a single. And the lyrics are pretty filthy if you listen carefully. It's weird how they're such little cupcakes and write these oversexualized lyrics. (Yes, they wrote most of this album.) 

14. "Better Than WordsAll of the lyrics to this song, with the exception of a small piece of the chorus, are titles of songs. Kind of cool. Love the guitar! I enjoy hearing these rock-driven songs. Glad they didn't go too electro-pop with this record because it could have been a nightmare. I'm actively enjoying listening to all of these songs. (Then again, I'm the type of girl who wishes "Pour Some Sugar on Me" would play every time I walk into a room...)

Tracks on the Deluxe Album
16. "Does He Know?"
Here's the "Jessie's Girl" of the album — if you know me at all, you know that this is MY JAM. It's 80's pop perfection. And the feels that happen during Harry's part, especially when he sings "the songs that you sing when you're all alooooone." Lord Jesus help me. Whooooooaaaaaa.
17. "Alive"
18. "Half a Heart"

I want to applaud these boys, because Midnight Memories could have gotten real crappy, real fast. It's their third album, and by *NSYNC's second album, they were writing songs about having sex on the internet. (Not like I didn't love every second of it, let's get real here.) While some of their lyrics are a bit naughty, but for the most part, their songs are fun, uplifting and relatable, without being overbearingly sexual or overly cheesy, either.

I've listened to a lot of pop albums the past few weeks; records that include lyrics to the effect of "I feel like I've got no panties on," (Miley) "Let me get you in your birthday suit, it's time to bring out the big balloons," (Katy "Sexual Innuendo" Perry) and, of course, "I lay in bed, touch myself and think of you" (Sexxx Dreams - Lady Gaga). So hearing a song about how someone will "find a way through the dark" with you is a nice change of pace. Give these little British babies a chance! If anything, you can oogle at Liam and how he looks like he could be David Beckham's illegitimate child. 


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