Dec 30, 2013

Easy Resolutions You Won't Break

Yes, it's another resolutions post! I'm sure you're read plenty, and are bored to death. Fear not, this list won't include anything too specific — like resoluting to hit up Cardio Barre 4 times a week. These resolutions are all easy and if you break them, you can pick yourself back up and get back on track without feeling too guilty.

1. Bite Your Tongue Before You Complain
We all need release, and we should express ourselves. But don't complain every time you get the chance. I'm too guilty of this, especially at work. From complaining about the internet connection, to the temperature of the office, to not being able to find a product right away. All things that won't matter in a year, and all things I could just shut the hell up about and would probably get fixed with a little patience.
On a larger note, it's easy to complain about what you don't have, or what's wrong with someone else. Instead of speaking more negativity into your life (your words actually matter — something I'm reaffirming through reading The Secret), keep quiet. Have faith that it will all work itself out, and if you really need to vent, calmly express your concerns and then leave them be. Be positive and bring more positivity into your life. Easy as pie.

2. Meditate
When I used to read about people meditating, it usually included an eye roll of epic proportions. But once you get away from the hippy-dippy stigma of meditation, it can be extremely valuable in calming your nerves, gathering your thoughts, and aligning your emotions into a more positive, reflective state. It takes 10 minutes of quiet time, and you can do this while you read the bible, or while you're taking a breather during lunch. Getting in tune with what you think and feel will ultimately help you to accomplish your goals and reach your best potential. Don't believe me? This should do the trick.

3. Save Money
We all vow to get on a budget and save money, but then award season hits and our entire emergency fund goes out the window because we've called appromixately 27 ubers for the month of January. Don't fret. Saving a little bit at a time, and realzing you won't die without your Starbucks every morning, is enough. As long as you're trying, that's all that matters. That $5 a day will eventually turn into a habit of saving $100 a week, to $500 a month, and so on. Sign up with to help keep you accountable. It allows you to budget and keeps track of your spending, on everything from gas to laundry. 

4. Take a Technology Break
I made a joke on Twitter once that my future husband will have to accept the fact that there will be two laptops in bed with us — both of them being mine. I have photos where I'm on my work and personal computer, watching Hulu on my iPad and have my work and personal iPhones charging on my nightstand. But I subconsciously started sitting at my desk in the living room more often to work, and ultimately banned my computer from my bed. It was affecting my sleep cycle, and I wasn't able to wind down as quickly after I had been working. I know I'm addicted to technology (the first thing I do in the morning is check my email and Twitter), but give yourself some alone time. TIME agrees.

5. Call Your Parents More
Just do it. You won't regret it.

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