Dec 28, 2013

You've been Catfished, Hartford!

27 is getting off to a great start. I've been the big dos-siete approximately 36 hours and already have been notified that my photo is being used on the Hartford, Connecticut Casual Encounters Craigslist to solicit sex with men!

I woke up this morning (after a wonderful birthday celebration, chock full of choreographed dance moves to "Timber" and, ironically, after Emily's car got hit by a horse-drawn carriage in downtown Austin... a story for another time) to an email from a "Josh," notifying me of the following:

From: Josh
Subject: Someone is taking your photos and posting on craigslist

You appear very image-savvy and also seem to make your living off the way you present yourself, so I thought you might want to know that the picture of you in the skirted romper here: is showing up on craigslist in Hartford from someone pretending to be a UConn business major in various W4M posts.
Happy new year!

Here is the image he is referring to. Don't mind the selfie, as I took this and sent it to my mom last year, then used it in a post of items I was "loving" at the moment.

Meet "Claudia"

After consulting with Emily, we decided it was not a scam or virus and that, indeed, this guy seemed legit. (However, we were slightly concerned as to what he was doing perusing Casual Encounters in the first place...) So I emailed Josh back, asking for a link to the post, so I could flag/report it. And he responded, link and all:

From: Josh
Re: Someone is taking your photos and posting on craigslist

Sure - there's one left in the 'casual encounters' section (which, by the way, provide near endless amusement - love coming across lines such as "Have a tendency to be so great there is no option individuals.")
Apparently, you are "Claudia" and you've just moved here from California.  The photo seemed like it was probably stolen from somewhere, so I ran the pic link through google image search on the off-chance that I could contact the owner and let them know someone was misrepresenting them.  It turned up your website, so that gave me a chance to reach out and let you know.
Best of luck - I know protecting your brand is important, and I apologize if this email exchange was disconcerting in any way.

"There's one left"???

Part of me is wondering if some idiot I know decided to play a "prank" and put this up, but the other part of me isn't overly concerned, because anyone who knows me knows my name is not Claudia and that I am not 24. Oh, and that small detail that I don't get online to search for sexual encounters with strangers. (Or with anyone for that matter.) 

Further, any coherent person would recognize this post doesn't even begin to make sense — I'm a UConn student from California, but I'm home for the break in Hartford? Wouldn't I be in California if I were truly home for the break? That's besides the point entirely though. I feel that if you are looking for random sex on Craigslist, that you shouldn't be surprised that you are not getting exactly what you anticipated... in more ways than one.

I had figured Josh used image search to find me — I know all too well about Google Image Search since I got involuntarily addicted to Catfish (the show) this past year. That's the only way he could have found me. Luckily, that image is linked to my blog, and he was able to contact me. 

I am appreciative of him notifying me, and even asked him if he does this type of thing for a living. That being "notifying people they are being used as Catfish bait." (Which, I hope to God he does, otherwise we have a sexual deviant with a heart of gold on our hands.) 

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