Mar 12, 2014

Bragging Rights

What do you remember about your childhood? One thing I always think about when it comes to my formative years (in addition to my child my brother growing up) was running around with my cousins during holidays, trips to the ball park, and family vacations. My mom comes from a family of six siblings, and I always looked forward to big gatherings where I could visit with my cousins, aunts and uncles.

Because I wanted a lesson in terror (just kidding! partially...) I moved to LA, which separated me from my family, literally, but also in the sense that I'm the only family member out West. Which can suck at times. One year, my parents and brother drove to Houston to spend Thanksgiving with all our extended family, and I was in Los Angeles, and I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown. 

Anyone that's moved somewhere new, away from their loved ones, has their reasons. I knew that I would always regret not moving here, and I am fulfilled living here because I love what I do and the opportunities the city of Los Angeles has. That being said, it sucks that I can't drive a few blocks to get family dinner or even a few hours to see my family during the holidays.

So THANK GOD FOR TECHNOLOGY because I keep up with everyone via text, email, Skype, Facebook, Instagram... you name it. Today, my aunt posted a video of her news piece in Houston about her jewelry line, which made me grin ear to ear — not because she's doing something she loves, but because I got to see her face! That lead me to another video of my cousin, Kacy, giving a interview to the local news in Austin about his role on the Longhorns baseball team. 

I'm so proud of my family, whether they have these videos or not, and miss them every day. (PS COME VISIT SOON.) Let me brag a little:

Here's my brother, Nick, kicking ass and taking names at SOSU! He has been starting lately. YEAH BUDDY. (LITTLE BABIS WUB!!!)

Aunt Deb's jewelry segment on KPRC 2 in Houston
I couldn't embed these into blogger because they don't like you embed links outside of youtube -_-

Kacy's segment on Fox 7 in Austin

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Megan Hyde said...

I moved away also from a big family. EVERY one of my family members is back in my hometown which often causes me to feel like I am missing out on daily things, weekly dinners, and random hangouts. I love where I'm at too and wouldn't change the opportunities where I am so I know I made the right choices for me. It is nice to have the options now that we do to keep in the loop as best we can. I def appreciate your post! Powered by Blogger.
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