Mar 13, 2014

When in doubt, Uber

In case you don't know, some twat decided to drive drunk, then tried to evade police by driving the wrong way on a one way street, barreled through a barricade, killed two people and injured 23 others. He is 21-years-old

There's a lot of disturbing events happening in the world right now — the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner for one — but this one could have been prevented, which makes it all the more infuriating. 

Here's a quick thought: STOP DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE. I don't care of it's drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills — get a driver. Take a taxi. Uber is becoming more and more popular around the country. If you know you're going out and will be drinking, it's not a matter of if you should seek transportation, but a matter of who you can find to take you and pick you up. 

Being from Georgetown, a suburb of Austin, this type of incident has weighed heavily on my mind for the past day. Two lives are lost. Many lives are drastically changed because someone decided he wanted to drive home drunk. Oh yeah, AND RUN AWAY FROM THE COPS. This isn't Terminator, people. Life isn't a game of Grand Theft Auto. If you evade the police, you will get found. You will not flee them. Who in their right mind tries to outrun a police officer? That's the point — nobody in their right mind.

This man ruined his life, ended the lives of two people, and shattered the hearts of many family members and friends. I can't help but to think of the driver's own mother and father. My parents would be devastated that their child did this so recklessly to other people, but also to their self. His life is over. Both of those victims could have easily been my coworkers, had they been at SXSW last night, or my cousin, who goes to UT. I cannot imagine the pain of losing those people in my life. 

He might be good guy, you know? But this incident will forever mark him as a murderer, a deviant — he ended people's lives. And some could argue intentionally, given he made the choice to plow through a barricade and run from the cops. 

The fact is that, now, he has to live with the guilt. And these families have to live with this tragedy forever.

Next time you decide to set foot in your car after even just two glasses, consider people other than yourself that you could affect: the families.

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