Apr 21, 2014

UPDATED: Say Who? Karaoke

Hey, Jimmy Fallon! I have a brillzville idea just for you. I think you are possibly one of the only people who could pull this off.

Tonight I was jammin' before dance class to Iggy Azalea's new track, Black Widow, featuring Rita Ora and Katy Perry. Super. Got on Twitter to disseminate my emotions regarding the track.

Then off to the gym I go.

After an hour hip hop class to Janet Jackson's "Feedback," I return home and (hip)hop on the computer for a hot minute before showering. That's when I notice someone favorited my tweet about Black Widow. Okay. Who?


Because, as you can see, I mentioned @RitaWilson, and not @RitaOra, like I had intended. HILARITY ENSUES because, please, visualize Rita Wilson on a track with IGGY IZALEA. Those are some late night antics I'd stay up for, and then post all the times on Facebook. All of the times. Throw Tom Hanks in there for the bridge and you've got a social media frenzy on your hands!

I have no idea if Rita (Mrs. Hanks) has a program that automatically favorites any mentions she gets on Twitter — but I hope to God not, because that just means she has a bloody fantastic personality. Even moreso than I already thought she did. 

So that had me thinking... and just see me through this idea before you knock it... but there's got to be a viral element to this. First, you figure out a popular song of the moment. Let's go with Dark Horse by Katy Perry featuring Juicy J. Then, you get on Twitter and search for those two artists. See below.*

Who the eff is Katheryn Bernardo? 
I follow the entire Jung family. What of it? 

Side note: very telling about the type of people looking up Biebs online. "Bisixesual"? Is this a new polygamist term? No, the kids are spending too much time on their phones and not enough time learning how to spell/type properly.

Back to the game at hand: the first Twitter handles that populate during your search for Katy and Juicy are the two people who end up singing Dark Horse. In this case, it's Kathy Griffin and Julia Roberts. HELLO? DO YOU SEE THE TELEVISION RATINGS SPIKING? BECAUSE I DO! Karaoke Roulette. With famous people. And Jimmy Fallon. Done. (Special appearances by Justin Timberlake every 7-8 weeks because that's how he rolls.) And Jims, if you don't like it, I'll happily take it to Ellen. x

*I get that this could get weird, especially since one more letter on "Juicy" would have populated "Pressed Juicery," but I'm not here to enforce rules.

UPDATE (9:55 AM PST): Rita has spoken. NBC, Bethany Doherty has my number.

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