Dec 10, 2014

Instagram Spotlight: The Best LA Furniture Accounts

Instagram has been a whirlwhind for me. I remember resisting for as long as possible, barely keeping my feed alive, and now I'm addicted. I had my NFL crush follow me (and a year later, subsequently, unfollow me - traumatizing!) and managed to nab a follow from Chrissy Teigen, queen of social media herself. I will be an emotional mess if (when?) she decides to hit that unfollow button. But that's not why Instagram is so fantastic — if you think about it, it's basically your own personal Oprah lighting crew. (Everyone knows Oprah's lighting is THE BEST.)

Recently, I've realized the benefits of Instagram, other than sharing photos with my friends and family who don't live in LA and stalking randos who you may never meet in person (let's get real, we were all thinking it): you can find some great pieces of furniture if you follow the right accounts! Below are a few that I've personally purchased from or plan on purchasing from soon.

I believe Whiskey and Honey started following me based on this post, so I followed back. I have been nothing short of thrilled! They offer everything from vintage housewares to clothing items, and I just bought the cutest vintage two pocket, buttonless, yellow wool blend cardigan. I'll let you know how it goes (meaning the quality), but purchasing has been a cinch. You comment with your email and zip code, then they invoice you through Paypal. You have 24 hours to pay, or it goes back on the market. Pretty cool.

And, side note — I literally just figured this out as I write this update — I went to high school with the owner! This is NUTS. I have not talked to this woman in probably 10 years, but I just bought a wool blend cardigan from her small business, on the internet, from my couch. Hoorah, Georgetown, Texas!

One producer on my team mentioned that I should start following Sunday Marqt, as I was on the quest for a shabby chic bedside table and coffee table. A few weeks later, I ended up buying this adorable milk storage cabinet for a bedside table and I'm absolutely obsessed. The best part? I emailed them around 6:00 and they delivered it straight to my apartment for $10 in under an hour.
My mom is rapidly approaching Kris Jenner is the "Momager" category, because in addition to being on my case about my career goals (I am very thankful for this, mind you), she's been helping to spot furniture as we outfit our apartment. I'm a true Capricorn in that I love anything that's vintage or has been refurbished, which means flea markets and Craigslist are my best friends. (As is Anthropologie, except that's more of a "love everything/my wallet hates you" type of relationship.) Mom stumbled upon a listing from NAK Home on Craiglist, and I followed them on Instagram per their post. We ended up walking away with this gorgeous shabby chic entertainment center and coffee table! They've inspired me to repaint my dining room table and a few mirrors we have around the apartment, too. Their storage facility is based in Culver City, and you'll need to pick the items up yourself. 

I haven't bought anything from James and Frankie yet, but I love their assortment of upholstered furniture. I'm actually in the market for a few chairs for the living room... I hope they have a few similar to these available soon!

I stumbled upon Krrb from James and Frankie, mostly because the name caught my attention. :) Their site isn't LA-centric. In fact, they have listings from all over the U.S. Apparently I'm late to the game on this site, because it's been featured in The Huffington Post. I haven't bought anything yet, but their posts on Instagram have me giddy about making a purchase.

If you've been on Fairfax on a Sunday, you've experienced the masses that head to Melrose Trading Post. It takes place in the parking lot of Fairfax High School and you've can find anything you've ever dreamed of there: clothing, jewelry, homemade and local food, and of course furniture. You can easily pick up some one-of-a-kind finds here, each containing a rich history and authenticity you can't find anywhere else. (Unless you are capable of shipping directly from France for this old school telephone seat.)

If you have other Instagram recommendations... what are you waiting for? Let me know in the comments below! And don't forget to follow each of these lovely accounts.
@kirbiejohnson :)


Unknown said...

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