Jul 24, 2014

Stop Wearing This Immediately

Are you Rihanna? Great! Have a ball. Get down with your half-naked (or fully nude) self. If you aren't, which is a majority of you, I have one thing to say:

Stop dressing like Rihanna.

Or any famous person you might be into right now: Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc. I know Rihanna wears full-coverage clothing from time to time. (She made a point to call out TLC regarding their comments of the contrary.) But here's the deal: Rihanna is a worldwide superstar. She produces a new album approximately every 8-9 months (on average). She likes to smoke weed, change up her hair and show her breasts through her clothing. And you know what? That's okay — she's Rihanna, international bad girl and pop star. She will always be Rihanna. You won't have to see her sitting in a cubicle, filing paperwork and answering telephones. She isn't an attorney. You won't catch her teaching 3rd grade. You won't see her giving a presentation on profit sharing.

Further, she isn't 16 or 17 years old. She's a grown, adult woman. She doesn't have to attend school. I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that she doesn't have to attempt to get a regular office job anytime soon. Yet I see so many teens and young women in college dressing like they are Rihanna, because they've seen her dress a certain way, and it's not only unbecoming (for the most part), but it's also being put on the internet for everyone to see, FOREVER! For-ev-er. These things will come up in your search results once employers start Googling you.

Because of her fame and superstardom, she is one of the elite few who DGAF and can do whatever they want. Seriously. Money is at their disposal, and they will never have to worry about struggling to survive or keeping a job, because they have enough money from the past few years of their career to last them a lifetime.

You, on the other hand... oh honey. You might look good. Have a bangin' body. You might not even be in the work force yet. But if you are going to dress like Rihanna, remind yourself to either a) not post these things on Facebook and Instagram, b) just stop and put on some pants. I don't want to deter people from being unique and putting themselves out there, but these celebrities make money, in addition to having talent, by being themselves. 

Naked selfies, photos of your derriere hanging out from your jean shorts — see through tops? Yes, I've seen women wearing crystal-clear tops without a bra on Facebook. (You can do the sheer top and bra combo with class, mind you.) But those things are not meant for the commonfolk such as ourselves. Do I want to be a pop superstar? You bet your sweet bippy I do. I fantasize about walking the catwalk and selling millions of records. But that I am not. Even with my job, where my M.O. is to be a personality that people can relate to yet being professional as well, you have to have decorum when it comes to what you say and what you wear. (I'm by no means a perfect example of this, mind you.)

As for Rihanna, she is a profiessional "Rihanna." She wouldn't be the worldwide pop diva that she is without the crazy outfits, the chain-link, see-through gowns, or the crazy pink hair. 

I don't want to see anymore mothers posting selfies of the booty shorts they're about to wear to the park with their kids, or soon-to-be law school student posting about her assless chaps on Halloween. Pull yourselves together, ladies, You are not badgalriri.

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