Jul 4, 2014

The Best Foundations, July 2014

The Kirbie Grip is beauty as we need it: authentic, sometimes bold, and 100% uncensored. As a new sub-blog (more on that later) of KG2H, I'll be sharing recommendations, commentary and some hacks/tutorials in hopes it will help and promote a healthy discussion. 

I frequently get emails and texts from frans and familia asking me what products they should use. Because I'm a woman of the people, I feel like if I'm going to tell one person, I'm going to tell all y'all! So today's question comes from Texas gal and TCU alumni board member, Tricia!

Glad you asked, Tricia. I actually hoard foundations because, as our Polish makeup artist at work likes to joke, I'm never the same color for more than a day, and you've probably never actually seen my real skin tone. (I love to be tan, what can I say!) So I keep a variety of products on hand to mix just in case I'm dark one week and lighter the next. 

I sent the below recs to Tricia, and she followed up that she wanted to upgrade her cosmetics collection, so she'd be in touch again soon. So, to preface this: yes, these aren't going to be your $10 drugstore finds. (However, you can find one at Target!) Love me some drugstore buys, but these brands have prestige for a reason, and I fully believe they have helped my skin for the best since using them.

My favorites as of late span a variety of budgets, though, so there's something for everyone:

You want: coverage that evens out your skintone — while looking natural

Try: Laneige BB Cushion, $34

Target recently unveiled a new premium beauty aisle with several elevated beauty brands — including Laneige. If you aren't familiar, this is a popular Asian brand. I tend to love products from Asia (and overseas in general) because they're always at the forefront of what will be hot in the U.S. (Unfortunately for us, we don't tend to spearhead amazing innovations in beauty ...for the most part). 
What's absolutely phenomenal about this BB Cushion is that it hydrates your skin, has buildable coverage without looking cakey, helps conceal discoloration, and mattifies oily skin. Basically it's perfection in a compact. I'm serious. I wear it to work, to the beach (SPF 50, baby!), for nights out... everywhere.
Laneige's parent company, AmorePacific, makes an identical CC Cushion, but it costs almost three times the price.  So you're practically getting a five-finger discount with this little guy.

Another option you won't have to cake on! The main differences between this and Laneige is that Laneige is a compact, comes with a sponge, and is SPF 50. In terms of texture, this is thicker and gives a bit more coverage with just one application, while you can build up coverage with Laneige. Also, this is more like a moisturizer — so if you have oily skin, you'll need powder or blotting sheets to help mattify. It has an array of shades to choose from, too.

You want: a foundation that doubles as good skin care

I have a love affair with Estée ... clearly! This is brand new launch for the Summer and the main selling point for me is that it's a serum as well as a coverage product. I'm all about makeup that improves your skin, and I've been really appreciative that it doesn't fall into the fine lines around my eyes. (Yes, I have them.) Plus, pick up the sculpting brush, too. I don't use it to apply foundation, but do use it to contour my face with! (I like NARS Matte Multiple in Altai — a cream contour shade that doesn't look orange on fair skin.)

You want: the best of the best —no exceptions

So this is clearly the most expensive of the bunch. And some of you are like, "WOMAN? THIS IS EQUAL TO BUYING A TANK OF GAS!" And you know what? I can't say I'd blame you if you didn't want to spend $60 on foundation. But I'm all about investing in my face, and I've been this way since I was 11. Some people like to spend $150 on dinner, some like to spend their money on $600 shoes; I'd rather spend $300 on my skin. Sounds nuts, but that's my cuppa tea. 
Eve Lom is a British staple (people lose their ever-loving minds over their cleanser), so when they came out with a cosmetics collection, it was like Santa came in the first quarter of the year. This foundation makes your skin look airbrushed. That's the best way to put it. And they also have a great primer, their tinted moisturizer rocks AND their powder buffs your face to perfection. (Great for your purse, too.) 

You want: spot coverage that conceals like a motha 

Alternatively, if you don't want to wear foundation and like to spot conceal, I've been using NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer for the past six months and I love it. The consistency is great, and I always find a color to match. I've bought two since December, so they'll last you about three months. Works great as an under eye concealer or just to cover up a few blemishes. 
TIP: if you find that you concealer moves, apply powder first to absorb oil, or find a mattifying primer. I like the powder trick because I can apply a moisturizing primer, then set it with the powder, and then apply my concealer. It stays on without moving. 

I have pleeeeeenty of drugstore picks. Plenty. And I'm happy to share those — maybe that will be a post in the future? (For starters though, anything that's L'Oreal True Match is my jam.) 

Send your questions by commenting below! 

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