Aug 4, 2014

Can Everyone Stop Hating on Taylor Swift?

I've personally never held issue with Taylor Swift. I like her music, and moreso, she's a gifted songwriter. (Similar to how I feel about John Mayer, ironically.) One song almost all of my friends like, despite not being a fan, is All Too Well. I've known some non-fans to turn up I Knew You Were Trouble and You Belong With Me when they come on.

tay in vogue

But throughout the years, Taylor went from this curly-haired country crooner to a bona fide superstar. Most could argue that was due in part to not only producing Billboard smashes, but also because of her dating life.

Here's my question: why must we tear down a woman whose dating life is in the public eye? Or worse, tear down a woman who is single and sings about past romances?

I don't want to harp on the male vs. female arguement (because I know you're expecting that one), but really. Why is it a crime, or frowned upon, for a woman to talk about these things? Or, even worse, why is it so bad for a woman to be single?

It's very similar to Jennifer Aniston's situation, or Jessica Simpson at one point. All three of these beautiful women found love and lost love; Jen and Jess have found it again. But for awhile, the headlines surrounding their names revolved around being "DEPRESSED AND ALONE!" or "DYING TO GET MARRIED!"

Why is everyone so desparate to set us single gals up with someone?  Why are they so eager to get us off the market? I'm not comparing myself to any of these ladies, but as a single girl, I know all too well about getting setup. (A Mentervention on that is coming soon!)

Let me breakdown Taylor Swift:
- She writes songs that are super helpful for when you're breaking up with someone
- She writes songs that encompass all the feelings you have about being in love and finding the one
- She writes songs about those people who really should just shut the hell up
- She likes cats and names them after great TV characters
- She has a ton of girlfriends and for the most part, is empowering of all women
- She gave a fan $90 on her birthday after hearing a) it was her birthday and b) she was going to Chipotle. (She might be a saint.)
- She visits her fans, even when they can't make it to her concerts. (And for this last one, I need to point out that while she was being filmed, it was by the kid's family. She's not going to tell them no. Also, they're free to share it with whoever! I guarantee you she's met plenty of fans in secret, without it being recognized by the public. Don't call this a PR stunt.)

So everyone who hates on Taylor Swift, can I ask why? Because you don't like her music? Fine. Not exactly a reason to not like her as a person, but I get it. But stop using the excuse that she "dates a lot of people" as a reason.

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