Oct 18, 2014

Halloween Inspiration 2014

Halloween is such a special time for me. Most of you know that I grew up having an annual Halloween party, from kindergarten to senior year of high school. My house was always festively decorated, thanks to my precious mother. I loved the thrill of this scary, mysterious and enchanting season. I also loved being able to express myself through makeup.

At work, I'm able to create looks for our viewers to replicate at home. From the novice to the expert beauty guru, we've created a great selection of costumes, whether you're ready to get decked out or just want to add a little Halloween flair.

1. Five Halloween nail art designs « 2. Bohemian fairy makeup « 3. Lady Gaga 'Applause' makeup « 4. How to create your own claw manicure at home « 5. iKat Halloween manicure « 6 & 7. Skull makeup « 8. Webby Woman « 9. Veronica Lake pinup tutorial (hair and makeup) « 10. Taylor Swift zombie makeup. Turn any of your favorite celebrities into a zombie! « 11. My favorite of the 2014 season: Fang Fatale. (Coming soon.) « 12. Leopard lady « 13. A Purr-fect black cat manicure. (Coming soon.)

1 comment:

stevenjared0853 said...

Thank you for sharing these Halloween inspirations. I really loved them. Last Halloween I was a part of my friend’s party that she arranged at one of Los Angeles venues. Everyone was in theme outfit with makeup and the day was full enjoyable.

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