Oct 21, 2014

What's the deal with outing people's plastic surgery?

A few things happened this week that made me want to write this post.

1.) Blake Lively appeared on a red carpet, glowing and pregnant. 
2.) Renée Zellweger appeared on a red carpet, glowing and noticably different.

I posted about Blake Lively because WOW. She has always been a beautiful woman: enviable hair, enviable wardrobe, enviable husband; now an enviable family and baby body. But ignore the fact that the actress looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet at The Angel Ball, because girlfriend has (allegedly) had plastic surgery! So don't be too envious. It's not natural!

What is our obsession with natural? Actually, why are we constantly trying to tear others down? Why is this our culture? 

I guess I shouldn't say it like that. I love the natural look. Sometimes, I wish I was more natural, but the fact is that I love makeup, and you're only going to catch me without it at the gym or in bed. Contrary to what many people may think or believe about me, I have never had Botox. (I understand that's not plastic surgery, but you do need to see a medical professional, as it is a cosmetic procedure.) My lashes are naturally long — so long that I have been told I needed to "stop wearing lash strips" for a job before. I also have never had any cosmetic procedures willingly. When I was three, I had surgery on my eyes to remedy ptosis. It impaired my vision, so my mother moved forward with the eyelid surgery. Doctors removed six tendons from my right leg (a scar rests quite nicely on my upper thigh) and placed them along my brow bone to help lift my lids. That's why I blink differently than most of you; it's also why I have tiny scars hidden behind my brows — they're almost unnoticable. That is all thanks to an amazing plastic surgeon. (PS: thanks, Mom.)

Our obsession with outing plastic surgery patients probably stems from the fact that so many men and women make a hefty living after having received surgical enhancements. While plastic surgery is still considered taboo, 15.1 million procedures occured in 2013. Getting a breast augmentation or an eye lift is as normal as purchasing a new car.

Cosmetic surgery once was used primarily to help aid war victims and fix cleft palates; issues that would be hazardous to ones health. Now it's a way to simply make one feel better about themselves.

Sure, there are plenty of men and women who take it too far. A good surgeon will know when, and who, to say no to. But what's the harm of enhancing something permanately that actually improves your self-worth and happiness? 

We can't confirm, but many would validiate that Blake Lively did a few things to make herself happier. And she looks great! What's the harm in that? Does it make her any less beautiful? 

Why are we, as women, so quick to point out that another woman has been under the knife?

"She looks great! I aspire to look like her!" 
"Yeah, well just know she's had a boob job, rhinoplasty and that hair? It's a weave." 

I agree that it's important to know that certain Hollywood standards are unattainable. That women's cellulite is airbrushed right off the legs; that long, flowing hair is filled with extensions and wrinkles are removed from their eyes with the help of the stamp tool. Their waistlines and thighs trimmed to perfection. These are the unattainable standards we have, and we are for sure influenced by them. And I think a lot of people who comment on these threads, specifically mine, come from a place where they don't want other women feeling poorly about themselves for not achieving these standards we've socialized over the past few decades. But even more people comment because they're part of the "take down culture." They're the people who troll, criticize and aren't offering anything more than a personal attack.

So, I have to speak up for the women who have had surgerically enhanced faces and bodies, willingly.  I know these women. They are beautiful. In fact, the look natural. Blake Lively is probably thrilled to be on a red carpet with her husband (I'm sure it's a bit vain as well), but how horrifying is it that people feel the need to comment, "She is killing it! But it's not au natural." 

Newsflash: I don't know one person who has hit a red carpet au natural. Nobody appears without hair and makeup —and guess what? Those things are cosmetic enhancements, albeit they aren't permanent. I doubt a lot of you ladies go to work without curling your hair or applying mascara. Guess what? You're enhancing yourself with these things. Do you paint your nails? Same thing. They might not be permanent, but they have the same effect. And they probably make you feel better about yourself.

Mascara makes me feel pretty. So does clear skin. That is why I cover up blemishes when I break out, and why my lashes will always be coated with mascara. (Unless I'm in bed.) It's transformative.

So are we all justified to take away someone's personal satisfaction, and even her beauty, because she felt the need to make it permanent? Or if she felt the need to completely transform herself? Even if we think it's not for the better. Who are we to comment on someone who wants to change their looks?

I went to school with a girl who got into an awful accident. She had several skin grafts and multiple facial reconstruction surgeries, and let me tell you that hands-down she was the most beautiful person I ever saw. I actually had no idea about any of this. How did I find out? One day after class, I'm discussing with a partner how smart, sweet and gorgeous she was. "Yeah, she is. It's crazy though, she had so much plastic surgery." I Google her and find out it's because of the accident. She does look like a better version of herself, but I couldn't help but think what a struggle that must be for her: how she handles her new look, something she had no say so in, but it ended up making her look better. There's a lot of psychological issues that must come from that.

So I get it — the psychology of it all can go to the extreme. But if one is of sound mind and they want to change their looks, why is everyone so quick to tear them down?

Renée Zellweger made comments regarding the speculation about her appearance, and I applaud her. We didn't get a definitive answer; she didn't owe us one. I can't say that I believe everything she says, but the fact that people are openly tearing apart her looks, when she feels the happiest and healthiest she's ever felt? Shame on us. We have no right.


Unknown said...

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