Jan 25, 2015

My (10 Minutes) With Miley

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One of the best aspects of this job is getting to interview people in the spotlight about what their definition of "beauty" is. The topics of hair, makeup and skin care are, by definition, superficial. But I relish when I get to ask someone about the best beauty advice they ever received, what they'd tell their adolescent selves, and play some fun games, too. (Because, hey, why not get some tips or tricks out of it?)

Miley Cyrus is a pop culture phenom, and meeting her in person was a lovely experience. She was in great spirits, had a down-to-earth demeanor — talking to her was like talking to one of my friends from elementary school. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind, and I appreciate the genuine answers she gave me.

Here are two of the interviews! We broke them into four separate videos. (The other two will be up soon!)

Miley Cyrus: "There isn't a formula for 'pretty.'"

Miley's Guide To...

Miley's Music Obsessions

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