Jan 5, 2015

Your Fitness Crisis is Resolved: Enter ClassPass

Upon my return to Austin, Texas for the holidays, my best friend let me in on her new fitness secret: ClassPass.


It's a booking app, and for $99 a month, you get to attend every class that offer at least three times. I know $99 is a hefty price to pay to get in shape, but if you're like me, I was thrilled at the thought of getting in on ClassPass because:

1. I love classes because I tend to slack without someone motivating me (and I end up plateauing)
2. $99 is nothing, considering most of the classes offered are at least $20 a pop for a single session -  it pays for itself in just four classes. 
3. I like to switch things up! I get bored.

I looked into ClassPass and duh, it was available in LA. So I signed up and was put on a wait list, which didn't last long — I was approved about two days later and was able to start booking classes. 

Right now, I'm signed up for five classes, each one different: reformer pilates, Crossfit, boot camp, Flywheel (cycling), and Pure Barre. There are even some classes I didn't know existed, like Training Mate, an Australian-inspired in WeHo that trains your like a rugby player, plus fan favorites like Pop Physique, Bar Method, Barry's Bootcamp. Other offerings include yoga, zumba, burlesque, boxing, surfing and more. 

You book based on location and the time you want to work out, and ClassPass creates a list of all the workouts available to you. 

And because they will charge you $20 for each missed class, you're really motivated to get moving and attend! I'm going to keep everyone posted on my progress. 

If you need to put your membership on hold, it's only $19 a month. Not too shabby.

Here's a complete list of cities ClassPass is available in. Just request an invite and wait for an opening!

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