What is this blog?
Think of it this way: southern comfort meets Hollywood chaos, for starters. Read about star sightings, my struggles as a 20-something, and my spiritual revelations. Comedic and, at times, sentimental -- and all in the delusional world of Hollywood.

*These thoughts are all my own... and are affiliated with no one but myself.*

About me
I am a digital content creator, TV reporter, producer and writer... so I'm always looking for a great hook and relish in posts that are internet gold. 

I grew up in Texas, attended the beautiful TCU and left immediately following graduation. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the flatlands and Tex-Mex, but everyone needs a little change of scenery sometimes... some "Wide Open Spaces," if you will. (Why do the Dixie Chicks have a song pertinent to every season of my life?)

One of my gifts in life is identifying when a photo was taken. ("Taylor Swift, October 2012, Red Press Tour!")  I love entertainment and celebrity reporting, as well as social media — Twitter is my jam. This blog is my little horse and pony gig, which started as a way to keep in touch with my parents, but has evolved into a lifestyle site of sorts. It's something I'm proud of and use to document all of the precious (and disastrous) moments in my life, and also, to commentate! Because I love talking... whether it be with other people or to the people on the internets. 

Style icons: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Fearne Cotton, Barbara Bouchet, Farrah Fawcett 
Ultimate gig: TRL (in the golden days), BBC Live Lounge, hosting a reality music or travel show, remaking music videos, writing my own lifestyle site, publishing my book! Or going on tour with One Direction. Duh.
Fun facts: 
My first dance was with Matthew McConaughey.
I'm a character in a book by Emily Giffin.
Chrissy Teigen follows me on Instagram and Twitter. (I'm proud.)

While I'm currently a beauty host (and I love it), I'm a huge music and entertainment nut, and I want to focus my career in writing and reporting on those topics. Then, hopefully, host my own show. Dream big. 
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