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If you're too lazy to open the link, it says this: if you'd like to feature my content on your site, please get permission first and attribute appropriately. Also, taking anyone's work and calling it your own is called plagiarism, and is frowned upon in society. Don't do it.

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This blog, and subsequently myself (Kirbie), often receive(s) samples and/or compensation for sponsored blog posts. Don't worry: if they're sponsored, you'll know, as it will be announced loud and proud within the post. While this is a perk of writing and entertaining, please know that these sponsored posts are selective.

I work with many brands and affiliates, but they do not influence what I recommend, what I like, or how I write about it. These thoughts and recommendations come straight from my brain and my brain only.

Further, it should be obvious (but let's cover our bases here) that this blog -- and all social mediums I post on -- are my views, and do not reflect the views of my employer, partners or affiliates. Powered by Blogger.
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